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Benjamin Cortez is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern flair. Having mastered an array of instruments—guitar, piano, bass, drums, and more—his music embodies a fusion of timeless melodies with contemporary storytelling, creating a unique sonic landscape that resonates across eras.


The heart and soul of Benjamin’s craft lie in his songwriting. He draws inspiration from personal experiences, master musical storytellers (such as the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Madison Cunningham), and the world around him, translating emotions into beautifully crafted lyrics and melodies. His songs speak to listeners of all different walks of life, weaving together poignant narratives and catchy tunes.


Benjamin’s unique ability to adapt and infuse his musical expertise effortlessly into different projects has also made him a valuable asset for a wide variety of artists in the recording studio and on stage. During his career, he has been recruited to do live and studio work for high-profile acts ranging from legendary jazz drummer Lewis Nash to contemporary Christian artist Matt Maher.


In 2018, a pivotal year in his musical journey, he released his debut album, “In Your Hands,” which is a mesmerizing collection boasting eight original compositions. What makes this achievement even more extraordinary is that he undertook the majority of the creative process—composing, performing, recording, and mixing— on his own in the comfort of his home studio. His penchant for innovation and musical autonomy shines vividly through this album, reflecting his boundless creative spirit.

"In Your Hands" Album Stream



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