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Benjamin Cortez is a performing musician and recording artist from Mesa, Arizona. Both of his parents are professional musicians, so they encouraged his interest in their instrument and CD collections from an early age. After they recognized his natural ability to recall and perform melodies he heard at church on Sundays, they arranged for him to take piano lessons at age 3. From then until today, Benjamin has jumped at every opportunity to play music professionally and better his craft, delivering soulful, high-energy performances on keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. He has been recruited to do live and session work for high-profile acts, ranging from Oregon Catholic Press artist Tom Booth to punk rock band Authority Zero. In addition to leading his own band, The Benjamin Cortez Band, he plays regularly with local Phoenix band Aunt B as well. Currently, Benjamin is focusing on completing a degree in Jazz Piano at Arizona State University. 

Photo by Cyler Resendez

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